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About us

FastNETPro is a leading creative Nigerian Website Design Company and Advertising agency providing fresh, creative digital services to businesses who want to grow online.

  • Our Work
    We deal with a huge variety of projects and clients: We work both directly with clients and also for other agencies who need websites for their own clients.

    Whatever the project, we use the same production process and technology - allowing us to build everything from small business sites to enterprise-class websites for large businesses in record time
  • Our Unique Pricing
    Our pricing reflects the fact that we believe in charging low rates and then keeping our people booked and busy.  It also reflects the fact that we use award-winning CMS  'open-source' technology, 

    The benefit is that the cost of building your site is lower, allowing us to focus your budget on the things that matter most - design, layout and content.

While working with our team, two of our strongest qualities will become evident very quickly:

  • First - Our expertise, passion, dedication, and appreciation for all things creative.

  • Second - Our relentless desire to deliver one of the most memorable customer experiences imaginable.

FastNETPro was established as the result of an observation: the need for a company to gauge its success based not only on the outcome of its clients' projects, but also on the satisfaction of the clients.

Over the years, we have been meeting and exceeding the needs and expectations of our clients, again and again. As we look ahead, we enthusiastically anticipate the continued growth of FastNETPro, the relationships which we will continue to build, and most importantly, for our clients, the continuation of stellar success.

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